Announcement: The Handshake Launch

Details for the First Handshake

The launch for the Handshake public blockchain is upon us! Finally, after almost 2.5+ years of development and growth, the community is ready to bring Handshake to the whole world.

Current launch specifics:

On the 615817th Bitcoin block height, the BTC blockhash will be committed into the Handshake genesis block. While it can be immediately mined, the genesis block is only locked in after six confirmations. After the first six confirmations of valid Bitcoin blocks, the genesis block will not change, even with a deep reorg. The code will be available for download on February 1, 2020.

More information on the launch can be found on the FAQ, which will be continually updated over the next 7-8 days. There is also a Reddit announcement on r/Handshake (so be sure to subscribe).

Resources for Launch:

Handshake Official Site:

HNS Block Explorer (Urkel Labs):

HNS Exchange and Domain Management (Namebase):

Bob Wallet (Open Source GUI Desktop Wallet and Domain Management):

HandyMiner CLI (CLI-based miner for Handshake’s PoW):

HandyMiner GUI (GUI-based miner for Handshake’s PoW):

Please be advised that some services/software will updating throughout the week to be mainnet compatible for launch; please reach out in the below social channels if you have any issues.

Social Communities:

HNS Mining Support Channel:

HNS Developer Discussion:

HNS General Community Discussion:

HandyMiner Twitter:

That’s all for now. We will keep you updated with further communications as we receive them from the community. We look forward to seeing you in the social channels, discussing on Twitter, and trying out the miner.

Information for HNS compatible mining pools and more will be available over the next week as teams finalize launch preparations.