Handshake Launch Mining Guide

The Big Day is Here, There's Not Much Time!

Handshake Mining Starter Pack

After a herculean effort by the greater Handshake community over the last 2 years, the mainnet launch will be coming later today (check out HNScan.com for an official countdown to Bitcoin block 615, 817).

In just a few hours, an experimental decentralized root anchor for the modern internet will arrive, ushering in a major step forward for the decentralized Web3 movement.

To get you started, we’ve compiled everything you need to begin mining today once the asset has launched. Major public chain launches like this happen every few years, so here’s how you can join in on the fun:

— The Official HNS Mining Pool (built by Urkel Labs): http://HNSPool.com

Join the waiting list, and you’ll be one of the first to be notified to sign-up to HNSpool prior to launch upon launch later today. Built in Rust, HNSPool is a U.S. based pool, focused initially and solely on Handshake (HNS).

— HandyMiner CLI (CLI-based miner for Handshake’s PoW): https://github.com/HandyMiner/HandyMiner-CLI

If you’re planning to mine Handshake, you’re going to need a mining client. HandyMiner is a highly-optimized miner, one built over the last year and a half exclusively for the HNSPool. HandyMiner is available on Linux/MacOS/Windows, and works with both AMD and Nvidia.

Notice: A final version of the miner, ready for mainnet, will be made available in the repo above as well prior to launch, you’ll just need to pull from the master branch on launch.

— Bob Wallet (Open Source GUI Desktop Wallet and Domain Management): https://github.com/kyokan/bob-wallet

Available for both Mac and Windows (Windows build will be available at the same link above prior to mainnet), Bob wallet enables you to sync a HSD fullnode (pre-bundled for ease of use), as well as manage your Handshake names, all directly from your personal devices.

HNS Block Explorer (Urkel Labs):  http://HNScan.com

A block explorer is a staple for any fledging public chain. HNScan is a robust, developer-friendly block explorer — and HNScan is also open sourced! You can download the project to even run it locally against your own HSD node. If you’re curious the network’s inflation/deflation from mining or buying names, there are charts as well, with real-time stats for the network.


If you’re curious for more information on getting your miner setup, some community members have created a collection of benchmarks from various commonly used consumer graphics cards. In there as well are curated resources and media that has been published about Handshake thus far, so you can get up-to-speed if you’ve not been keeping up.

HNS Tech Stack at a Glance (read more, here)

Additional Resources for Launch:

— Handshake Official Site: http://handshake.org
HNS Exchange and Domain Management (Namebase)http://namebase.io

Social Communities:

— HNS Mining Support Channel: https://t.me/handshakemining
HNS Developer Discussion: https://t.me/hns_tech
HNS General Community Discussion: https://t.me/handshake_hns
HNS Community Twitter: http://twitter.com/HNSorg

Join the HNSPool